Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Commission Update - Unoas Part 2

At long last, I was able to pick up a good camera from my friend and get some decent shots of the Unoas before I sent them back. I will consider purchasing my own camera once I've raised the funds for a good digital SLR.

02/19/2012- I painted the teeth and inserted them before taking photos. Here is a group shot. Overall the Sist plates are darker and more dramatic because it is how I envision her though there are many renditions of Sist by other artists with a very soft look. Lusis has a softer look overall.

Commission Update - Unoas Part 1

So I was finally able to ship out some heads to their owners today. The Unoas are gone and so is Amethsyt. Here is the progression for the four Unoas from L.K.

UNOAs (L.K.)

I met L.K. through ebay since she bid on and won one of my large painted eye Obitsus. It makes me very happy to know she liked my work enough to commission me to work on four Unoa faceplates. They arrived with two of them still in unopened packages. Here is what they look like all lined up.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Obitsu 60HD-F03 - HOLD

Still no camera -___- . I will probably be investing in my own when I can raise the funds. I've been spoiled by relying on my friend's camera but since I have need of a camera at all times I think I need a good digital SLR of my own.

Today I am refreezing a commission head so I can do more mods on it. I will explain about freezing vinyl heads for modding in a later post about that head. So erm, to relax I painted this head I've had sitting around for a month. I should be working on more commissions but honestly 1/6 scale realistic styled heads really stress me out when it comes to commissions so I will break them out after I finish Asuka who arrived first in the mail.

This head I painted is the much overlooked Obitsu 60HD-F03. I don't see her around much. Usually the more realistic Obitsu sculpts steal the show and when it is a more anime looking head, the designer head is popular. The default 50cm head is also around a bit because it is the default head and the new princess head has been spotted too. This poor obscure head gets no love but it's all about to change! Take a look ladies and gents!

\ (^__^) /

A fiercely cute redhead!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amethyst - Obitsu Mini Haruka

Another commission update! Meet Amethyst. She is a mini Haruka head belonging to SophieOuch. Let me tell you, applying those lashes was super difficult but I believe I can apply lashes to any doll now lol.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Unoas to go!

So i've been gone for a long time. Sorry guys. It's what happens when I get freelance jobs and I do need to pay bills. However I have decided to stop taking smaller freelance jobs that hold little interest for me in terms of design since they usually end up being really terrible and due to inexperienced clients, they drag on. As a result I should have more doll time and I will reopen. However I will only be taking 5 commissions a month so I have time for my own projects if I'm not getting freelance work and if I am getting freelance work, I will still be able to complete the commissions on the weekends.

Here's a shot of the Unoa faceplates I've had for so long. They belong to L.K. who kindly allowed me to do whatever I wished. I learned a lot working on these plates and I ended up redoing three of them. Lol...yeah...I did. The only one who was painted once and only once is the Sist plate (Sullen Sun). I don't have a good camera with me at the moment so this was taken on my android. I will post better pics soon.

Let me know which one you guy's like the most!

Lusis (White Swan), Sist (Sullen Sun), Lusis Wink (Merry Moon), Sist Bully (Black Swan)

I had such a hard time finding the right eyes for these guys because they like low dome 12mm. I have very few 12mm eyes. The owner even ordered and sent three pairs of 12mm eyes none of which worked well color wise and Sist is harder to fit eyes to.

Anyone who wants to trade 12mm non-acrylic eyes for a $10 discount off faceups, send a pic of the eyes and I'll let you know if I can use them.

Next up : Obitsu alice mods + faceup, MayWong,s heads, J.T.'s heads, + more action figure heads. Yeah, it's going to be a lot of work....after which I will stop accepting action figure heads and realistic 1/6 vinyl heads. I will explain why in another post.