Friday, February 22, 2013

Commission - MayWong update

So, I finally e-mailed the airbrush supply company I had ordered from since it's been two days and they still hadn't shipped out the part even tho they said they would ship it within 24 hours. They sent me a tracking number a few hours later.....I'm a bit upset about it because I had expected to receive it today or tomorrow. It looks like I won't get it until Monday.

Since I have other commissions I worked on those instead.

I don't use airbrush on the soft vinyl heads yet because I haven't tested out the varnishes. I'm afraid they might not take well to squishing so we'll see. Luckily I still have some ZM spray. The stuff is truly vile.

At any rate, here is Kagura. She is one of the main villains in Inuyasha. As such I gave her a grim mouth and evil slanted eyes much like what she has in the manga. ^___^. The request was for red eyes, red lips and magenta eyeshadow. I kept the lip color a more magentish red so it won't clash too much with the magenta eyeshadow.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Commission updates

For BJD faceups:

While cleaning my airbrush I had the pieces drying and misplaced the nozzle. All heads for February are in progress with the base skin tone down. I finally broke down and ordered a new one since I couldn't find it. It should get here Saturday and the February heads should be done by the middle or end of next week.

For 1/6 faceups:

Long overdue, I know.

I will be finishing the vinyl heads first as the resin heads require more work.

First up is JanetT's mags. I worked on her today but she may need more work. I feel like her makeup isn't garish enough.

I did a mockup of what she might look like under the cut.