Commission Form

Pls fill out this form AFTER contacting and confirming a slot to help me do the best I can on your faceup! Fill out one form per head unless two heads are the same character.

  1. Copy and paste these questions into a word editing program so you can fill it out. You can also choose to write it out neatly by hand.
  2. After answering all the questions, copy and paste text into an e-mail (in case I misplace the hard copy) and print out a copy to send along with your head.
  3. If you have any swatches you want matched exactly, pls print them out and send them along.
  4. Be careful when you fill out this form. I will redo the faceup partially or completely only once if I have made a mistake per your instructions but not if you have made a mistake on this form. I will also make one minor tweak to each faceup once.
  5. You can leave some choices up to me. You are also encouraged to draw and send examples of what you would like. If you would prefer I do whatever I please, it would help me if you included samples of faceups you do like. I won't copy them but it helps me figure out what looks you might like.
  6. Label all papers you are sending with your name. You may also wish to label the inside of your doll's head with his/her name.
  7. I very very sincerely suggest that you send your package with signature confirmation. While it has happened only once, it is one time too many and I do not want another doll to go missing. 


1. Name/Handle: What you are known as online and what I should refer to you as on my blog.
2. Full Name:
3. Address:
4. E-mail:
5. Paypal E-mail: Leave blank if it is the same as above.
6. Contents of package you are sending:
7. Value of package: For insurance info if requested.

1. Name:
2. Company & Sculpt:
3. Gender:
4. Personality/Expression: Help me get to know your doll so I can better express their personality.
5. Hair Color:

BASIC COMMISSION INFO - Please include any descriptions you would like.
1. Complexion: A description of the complexion you have in mind for your doll. Cool (pink based), Warm (Yellow/Peachy based), Neutral (brown based), Other.
Pls keep the resin color in consideration. For the most part I find White or very light resin to be suited to almost any tinting whereas yellowish resin is more suited for warm complexions and pink or red based resins are more suited for cool based complexions. Brown resins can be pushed warmer or cooler or blushed in a neutral manner.  
2. Blush: Yes/No Heavy/Light
3. Eye Shadow: Yes/No Color?
4. Eye Brow Shape and Color:
5. Eyeliner: Yes/No Color? 
6. Lower Lashes: Color? 
7. Lip Color/Look: Color? Gloss/Matte?

1. Freckles: Dark/Light Location? (Extensive Freckling requires additional cost.)
2. Shimmer: Yes/No or up to my discretion.
3. Tattoo: May cost extra depending on the design.
4. Eyelash Application: Color/Style or included in package.

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  1. Do not use this re painter. She is a thief & never returns your doll. She has had mine since April...does not answer emails. My lawyer even sent her a letter. Now I am out my doll. I have no idea why anyone would do this...but this is what she does so please save yourself a lot of trouble & do not use her! She has also been banned from the DoA market place.