Thursday, November 21, 2013

Playing with skin texture on Fairyland F60 Mirwen (boy)

Hi everyone!

I've been extremely busy so I haven't been posting much. I'm actually on a sleep deficit and my eyes are fuzzy as I write this but I really wanted to talk a little about my latest faceup so forgive me if I ramble incoherently.

F60 Mirwen is a huge favorite of favorites from Fairyland and really needs no introduction. The only thing I can say is that I bought her on the normal bust body completely expecting to be smitten but in person the Jury 2012 that came with her stole the body and named herself Anemone. Not too long after Mirwen arrived, my order from the first F60 body event arrived. I had ordered two bodies. A NS Muscular one for a hybrid with my Granado Boyd and a BW Normal body for my only BW Jury 2012 head. (I had fully intended to keep the BW Jury but I can't really justify so many large dolls and Anemone pretty much latched onto my Iplehouse YID Mars so there was no need for another 60cm male doll.) However as doll plans go, the tight stringing in FL bodies deterred me from the hybrid since I would have had to take the neckpiece off and instead I put Mirwen on the muscular body and painted him up.

Here he is:

If you take a closer look at the images you will be able to see the detailing in the skin texture. There are small blue veins painted in but the color doesn't show up very well. I think the texturing works very well on slightly more realistic sculpts. Even on less realistic sculpts I think that the dept it creates is very attractive. I would like to try it on more idealized or anime looking sculpts to see how it works out.

Here is his time chart. I have no idea why it took so much longer to edit the photos than usual but that's how the timing came out. I would also like to point out that my timing isn't perfect and there are moments I forget to turn the timer on so this isn't the most accurate measurement but it gives you an idea of the median time range.
A few more shots so you can drool lol....I love the sculpt in photos but in person I don't feel attached at all.

Oh, and the new owner requested an eye opening and a similar faceup on the sleep head so stay tuned!

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  1. oh my god how do you do texturing? that's awesome and I"ve never seen it before!