TRADES - I am willing to make trades for quality hand made BJD items. I would consider complete dolls (any size or resin color) and SD sized heads (WS and NS only) provided they are in great condition with no mods. Don't be afraid to ask. The worse that can happen is that I say no.

The following is a list of dolls I would definitely be willing to accept trades for. If the doll costs more than the services I can provide, I can paypal you the difference.

Lati Mystic Vampire Belle (yes...i fell for her hard) Other one fanged vamps considered
Dollmore Kid Pado, Flocke, Cecile
Dollmore Judith
Zaoll Luv
Luts Wintery Kid 2012 head (elf eared)
Luts Tiny Delf Fairy Hansel/Fairy Gretel
Luts Tiny 
Dollzone Flowers (any size sculpt)
Doll Chateau Ada
Bimong Narae butterfly or sleepy/dreaming (whole doll or head)

Yes, if you will notice, I kind of fell into a tinies obsession. I started out not liking them so it's a bit odd.

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