Wednesday, September 12, 2012


As much as I prefer not to talk a lot about my personal life I realize that I owe my customers an explanation. I know quite a few of you are very young and as such do not realize that the death of someone close to you has a greater and longer impact than the first two months. When a close family member passes away it can take years to sort out an estate. Yesterday, 9/11 was the one year anniversary of the last time my dad entered a hospital. I did make the mistake of trying to jump back into the doll world a few months after my dad passed thinking I could do something I enjoyed and get on with my life after a year of watching him slowly sicken, improve and sicken again.

For those who are still waiting, thank you so much for your patience. Most of you have been very kind and understanding. My family and I are still in the process of figuring out the estate. In addition as time goes by, a family pet in his old age requires more care lately which means that I have very little free time on my hands. I will be updating again soon.

Posing Comparisons, FL Minifee, RS/BBB Mini and 5StarDoll MIni

It's been another long while but I have a bunch of things to post. I'm also taking time off work to concentrate on trying to improve my own work flow and to apply to jobs as well as finish off some commissions.

Today I bring you guys a review on the posing ability of MSD dolls from some of the more affordable companies compared to the posing ability of one of the most popular and expensive company. Generally I will agree that the more you pay for a doll the higher the quality but of course there are a lot of factors. Resin quality, mold quality, engineering and production quality all account for how much a doll costs. Fairyland dolls are amongst the most expensive as well as popular dolls. They are known for their consistency in quality (though there was a period of lowered quality), their beautiful sculpts and their posing ability. The engineering and precision of their joints as well as the resin quality is reflected in the price. The molds for their bodies are probably replaced fairly often because the fit of the joints are crucial to the mobility whereas joints from ResinSoul can afford to be less precise simply because the fit isn't as crucial.