Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alexis - Migidoll Jina

Just a little photobomb. I will be working on more of Maywong's heads soon. I just have to take care of a little flooding issue  -___-  .....and also family issues.....  x___x

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peeks in - Commission Updates

Yes, it's been a while. My family is blowing up, everyone is stressed to high heaven. My body has been so tense that it's been aching for two weeks. Volatile sister (read crazy and sometimes violent) + high stress mom + dealing with my dad's estate = barely a pinprick of light to show the end of the tunnel. Maintaining some sanity through work and painting heads.

Here's a photo of one of Maywong's heads. It is Inuyasha's mom. I've read quite a bit of the manga but we only see her in passing and most of the time she is just sad so I'm not sure how to paint her so I just left a pretty neutral expression. The request was for light brown eyes, blue eyeshadow and red lips. The eyeshadow looks more blue in real life. I wasn't sure if i should go bright but since I prefer not to clash with the red lips I used a darker royal blue.

I will be making an effort to post more and work through these commissions. As I said, after this round is done I will only be accepting BJD commissions.