Faceup Options

This page is mainly to help clarify the faceup options so we can communicate more clearly ^___^!

Skin Tones
Cool Tone - Pink based

Warm Tone - Peach/Yellow based

Cool vs. Warm in similar sculpts

Normally I paint each freckle instead of using the splatter method. The results can be viewed below. There is a lot more control and less chance of the freckles looking 'dirty'.

Elfdoll Amy - MSD sized - Freckles of this type are free. Just a smattering across the nose. They are very pale for her to just texture her a bit. Darker freckles of this amount are still included in the basic price.

Iplehouse Erzulie - YoSD sized - Freckles of this type are a little more spread out. She is a small head so she the freckles here are $10. Note the depth achieved and the slight freckling on her brow.

Berdine Creedy Suzie - She's a large SD sized head at 10 inches. So although her freckles are only across her nose bridge,  the area covered is quite large so her freckles would cost $20. If the freckles extend up to her brow and temples the cost would be $30

Dollshe Bernard - SD sized plates with matching freckling/beauty marks. Very extensive freckling. The freckles are not an exact match on the plates but close so that they are obviously the same character.  This result requires multiple passes of freckling by hand to achieve density and depth. The cost of this amount of freckling is $50 for each plate. Head size is about 8.5-9 inches.

Splatter freckles - This type is faster and is achieved in a less controlled manner. Touch ups are still required for best results. I will post photos when I can. $5 - $25

Texturing - Similar to all over freckling but with more fleshy colors.


The tattoos below are included in cost. 3 simple shapes including hearts and stars. Shapes can be large or small. (There are more than 3 shapes on each of the faces below but they are the only examples I have so far.)

More intricate and expansive tattoos will cost extra.


Doll Leaves Royal - MSD sized - Simple but expansive shapes. Outline circles is fairly difficult. $15

Doll Leaves Vivian - MSD sized - Masked and airbrushed shapes with line work. $35

Doll Leaves Lilith - MSD sized - Linework. Straight simple lines but small and intricate. $15

Doll Chateau Hugh - MSD sized - Intricate line work with attention to line weight and a gradient effect. $35

Doll Chateau Hilary - MSD sized - Simple shapes but outline circles is one of the hardest things to do well. Circles are filled in with interference pearl colors. $25

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