Monday, September 26, 2011

Smelly Fart Daddy

Sorry everyone for not being around. My dad passed away this past Saturday. I will keep everyone posted about when I will be back. (Oh I have always called my dad Chow Pay Lo Dow in Chinese which translates to Smelly Fart Daddy hence the title.)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you?

I'm fairly certain most ppl remember what they were doing when the towers were hit if they were old enough. I was dropping off one of my cats to get his teeth cleaned at the vet early in the morning before classes. It was all really surreal. I had just finished reading Samuel Delaney's Dhalgren (highly recommended. About the choices a man makes and how he grows as a person sans memories and therefore little to no predjudices in a post apocalyptic San Francisco.) I didn't freak out because it was all just so weird it was kind of dream-like. I was living in Chinatown with my parents but we were far enough that the only real sign near us of the event was a lost long haired cat (Persian?) covered with a hardened helmet of ash and matted fur. We took him in, cleaned him and kept him for a few days before taking him to the ASPCA to get his check up and adopted him out to a coworker of my sister's when no one came to claim him.

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it and usually when the anniversary rolls around, I don't do anything special. There was a homeless guy who would be upset because 9/11 ruined his birthday. He used to hang out near my school and make awesome drawings.

This year though I didn't pay much attention, it was a pretty awful day. My dad has been sick as some might know and some problems came up. I got a call from my sister last night right after the hour long trek back to my place from my parents saying that there was something wrong. My mom and my sister took him to the hospital and called me back saying that he was ok and that I should go to sleep. This morning we all went to the hospital around 9:30AM and even though he was sedated soon after I saw him, we didn't feel like we could leave in case anything happened. At the moment he's not super stable yet but he is sedated and being monitored at the hospital.

I started this post first thing after I got back to my place. I had planned to work on some commissions and some posts for you guys today since I spent the last two weekends cleaning and organizing my apartment/work area. Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been updating the W.I.P. page more though, so pls continue to check back!