Monday, October 24, 2011

Commission #5 - BJD style 1/6 head

I didn't post this head in the W.I.P. because I just went ahead and finished it in one sitting. I wasn't told the name for the character but I was given and idea of her personality. She is kind and motherly. The challenge was that she has down turned eyes but she should not look sad. I was given reference to follow, and while I think I managed follow the reference fairly closely I think perhaps I followed it too closely? I would say this style ended up being more of a manga style than a BJD style. I will ask the owner whether they want anything changed.

The base is a normal skin Volks Dollfie head Type A head with rooted brown hair . For the coloring, she specified purple eyes, versatile but not too plain makeup with a sweet smile and rosy lips.

Here is a photo without gloss. I will take a better photo after she is glossed.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art: Jenny Saville thrashes Bob Dylan

I am waiting for some paint to dry on a commission, so in the mean time let's talk art. Jenny Saville is an amazing painter. I went to see her work with some friends at the Gagosian Gallery this weekend and was in awe. I first heard about her about 7 years ago when her work exploded on the art scene. She works big and her brush strokes are broad and meaty while capturing emotional nuance. They also displayed some gorgeous charcoal studies. I'm very curious to know if they were done from life since they are so large and one of the subjects is a baby, it's highly unlikely that she would have been drawing that quickly on a stepladder.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Waiting for Boyd from Granado Dolls

I don't post a lot about the dolls I acquire, mostly because I generally get ones I am interested in modding or painting before I sell them again. I haven't sold many yet mainly because I don't have the time so I have several projects waiting for me after I finish my outstanding commissions. Don't worry. I have not forgotten you guys. I've been working a lot and it's raining so although I have a lot on my plate in terms of commissions, I can't do anything tonight so I want to tell you about one of the dolls I am patiently waiting for.

Granado is a very new company. They first released Boyd about a year ago at a very low price. I'm kicking myself for not getting him then but they have released a half closed eye version before the sculpt is retired for good. The sculpt runs toward a more realistic style than I am used to painting so I'm very excited to get my hands on him. I ordered Boyd (Normal + Nightmare heads) in Normal Skin with the new 68cm body as well as an extra head in White Skin.

The reason why I chose to write about Granado when I rarely write about purchasing dolls is because the company is so very thoughtful. I ordered from my parent's computer which is riddled with random protective programs which blocked some of the features of Granado's site when I was ordering. As such I was unable to use layaway and just paid upfront. I mentioned this issue on DOA without realizing the error was on my end and two days later, a representative from Granado PMed me asking me to detail the issue so they can fix it! That's incredible customer service.

Another sign of their great service is that today I just received an e-mail from Ikaru asking if I would like free seam sanding done by Crocus himself! (Crocus is the sculptor for Granado) I was so stunned. Of course I said yes because if I do it myself (which I do as you guys know) it would take me at least two hours to get it where I want it to be. I thanked Ikaru and another e-mail came to say they offered it because I ordered two sets of Boyd heads and that they just want to give me the best. I hope to be as good with customer service as Granado is. Here is a picture of Nightmare Boyd that I stole from Granado. I hope they don't mind me posting it here.

Granado currently has two sculpts up for sale including Sidonia and Boyd. It seems most of their sculpts are limited so if you like what you see you should pick them up when they are available. Be assured that they take care of their customers well!

EDIT: Personal doll projects in the works includes two little Custom House vampire mods, a Volks Megii restoration as well as som AOD head mods. So yes, lots to expect in the future along with commission updates.

EDIT 2: Of course I have no intention of selling my NS Granado lol. I have to see though. I might fall in love with the WS instead and keep him for another body...decisions. I will decide after they are faced.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

W.I.P. RS Mei (Eden) for Samantha T.

Yes I'm alive. Here is a W.I.P. shot of Eden for those who don't check the W.I.P. page. ^__^

Thursday, October 6, 2011

CH Rena - ebay sighting

I often search ebay for good deals on books and BJDs. Yesterday I came across the CH Rena I had finished, faced and sold! I really loved how she came out and she is still one of my favorite sculpts even though I have Allen (CH Ren).

I actually considered repurchasing her but then realized I was being too sentimental. She does come as a fullset and she looks awesome in her little beach outfit.