How to Commission


- Shipping both ways provided by customer. I ship using USPS priority mail.
  Insurance can be added at your request
- I accept Paypal, checks and money orders. (Label with your name, sculpt name)
- I am located in New York. My zip is 11204 if you want to calculate shipping.
- I do not take recast dolls. Pls respect my wishes. If you own recast I will still work on your
  legitimate dolls but as an artist, I do not support recasting.
- I do not work on modded heads without prior approval.


     1.  Check if I have slots available here. If I do e-mail me at with the
          subject header: 

          'Commission Request - your name - doll's name'

          Pls send a separate e-mail for each head.
          Any correspondence should be in the same e-mail thread to keep everything cohesive.
     2.  I will reply and let you know what my work schedule looks like and if I think I am capable of
          fulfilling your request.
     3.  Fill out the BJD Commission Form here e-mail it to me and remember to print out a copy to
          send to me with your head.

  1. Properly cleaned head (unless you requested a cleaning from me.) If the head is not clean enough I reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee. If you have a faceplate, pls include the headback. I prefer to paint faceplates on a headback so I touch the face as little as possible.
  2. Printed Commission Form
  3. Face mask to protect the faceup. If not you can purchase one for $3.
  4. Any references.
  5. Please be sure to send your head so that it arrives by the specifie
  6. I sincerely suggest sending your package with signature confirmation to avoid lost packages as I have experienced a package disappearing and I cannot stand the thought of a lost or stolen doll.

  1. Golden Fluid Acrylics (thinned with Golden Airbrush medium)
  2. Plaid extender 
  3. Liquitex clear satin varnish. Liquitex matt varnish, Golden matt varnish with UV protection.
  4. Tamiya clear gloss or Liquitex ultra gloss varnish.
  5. Rembrandt, W&N, Schmincke and Unison Pastels.

I visit the P.O. once a week on either a Friday or a Saturday depending on my schedule. Often, the mailman will leave a pink slip for my packages so I would prefer the heads to arrive within the week before the deadline indicated for each month. That way I can pick up all the heads at once. Heads for each month will be sent back at the same time end of the month or week before depending on how fast I get them done. Turn around time is 2-4 weeks.

I will be taking photos of commissioned work for my blog and records. If you would prefer I not share the commissioned work on my blog or with the public please let me know beforehand.



I have decided to open up lottery slots to everyone at this point since I haven't gotten many entries and I feel that it is more fair to everyone. If you can afford the full price, pls do not enter so those who cannot will have a better chance! Thank you!

Please submit your doll for lottery slots by sending an email to:
Subject line should read: 

'Lottery Request - your name - doll's name'

Qualifying dolls:
1/12 dolls - $30
1/6 dolls - $35
1/4 dolls - $50
1/3 dolls - $65

If you feel that your doll qualifies for the lottery slot even if the original price did not fall within this price range (ie. second hand dolls) pls feel free to contact me. I also know there are ppl who scrounge and save for that one doll that they really want so I do take exceptions to the rule.

Note: In general dolls from, AOD, 5stardoll, ResinSoul/Bobobie, Impldoll and Doll Leaves are accepted unless they are higher priced LE dolls. Non resin dolls such as Delilah Noir and Hujoos are accepted.



The reason why I don't is because it is financially unsound. Each faceup takes 2-3 hours minimum of actual spraying, blushing and painting. (It is untrue that the better you are the faster you are. What is true is that the better you are, the more mistakes and details you see so the more time you spend on a faceup) Add in the minimum time of  30 minutes for photos, 30 minutes for photo editing, 1 hour for total communication and web work for each head and the 45 minutes of accumulated time staring at the head throughout the process to figure out if I like how it is going (yes, I need this time. It's the difference between me sending out a faceup done without thought and consideration and me sending you something beautiful and cohesive) and I work a minimum of 5-6 hours per head. (Realistic and SD heads take more time than this.)

I haven't even calculated the time it takes to clean brushes and airbrushes each time I use it, or the material costs of maintaining an airbrush or even the materials that go into the faceup itself. This includes, paints, varnishes, new brushes, glue for eyelashes, soap to clean, magic erasers, erasers, pencils, pastels, airbrush medium, airbrush cleaners, paper towels, paper palettes, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, wet wipes and various pearl powders.

At current basic prices, just calculating the hours of work I am getting at most $10/hour for skilled work. This doesn't include material costs. I try to keep prices affordable but there is a reason why artists charge over $100 for their work. I do plan to raise my basic prices in the future, but the lottery prices will stay the same. If you can afford it, pls pls opt for paying the full price. It helps me out and it also allows those who really cannot afford it to get a professional faceup for their doll.