Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finally back!

Needless to say things are not going super smoothly. Things in my personal life has been stressful. Outside of that I'm trying to finish up very late commissions as well as sell of some dolls for funds.

Here are two more of Maywong's heads. There is still one final head for me to work on for her and I will move on to the others.

These are Sango and Miroku, two of my favorite characters from Inuyasha. Sango is a fierce, independant girl with a fairly serious personality. She is the love interest of Miroku appears at first to only be interested in flirting with pretty girls. As we get to know him a bit better, his character develops and we see a stronger side of him.

In addition to these two smaller heads, I've painted a Doll Leaves LE Noir head. Noir was displayed as a boy by Doll Leaves but I thought the sculpt could work well as a girl. The head is on the larger side so it takes a 9-10 wig. Luckily companies have been putting out 65-70cm girl and boy dolls these days since the head looks a little oversized on a 60cm girl body. Here are a few shots of Noir on a girl body as well as some shots on a boy body.