Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Decision Made! and some thoughts on Recasts

I apologize to you all if I've been going on too much about how long it takes to paint faceups or body blush. It's mainly because I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle with the widely accepted notion that artist overcharge for their services when in reality we really make very little.

This is also an issue that applies to recasts where those who own and buy recast accuse legitimate doll companies of overcharging for their dolls. Artist who produce the dolls you fall in love with deserve to live above subsistence. We deserve to be able to pay medical bills, own a pet and care for it, live in a decent sized apartment (not in the basement like me) with windows and one day have a kid. I can't do these things unless I work for commercial jobs. It's a very very sad world where you only get paid if you can sell a mass produced product.

So, I will stop talking about my pricing dilemma and just post my prices. My work speaks for itself and if I get fewer commissions, I get fewer commissions.

Thank you all for being understanding and for putting up with my whining.

Much love,


Dollshe - Pure Body for Jo with Time Chart

I don't normally get a lot of request for body blushing. Mostly because it's hard to maintain and can chip easily at the joints. However, I do love the look of a freshly completed doll.

Meet Jo's Bernard. I completed three faceplates for her including an OE and SP pair that are the same character and a modded SP Bernard who is his own character. The body I blushed belongs to the freckled OE and SP pair.

The body is freckled to match the faceplates on areas of the body that are most exposed to the sun including the chest, upper back, arms and lower legs as well as the hands and feet.

NWS after cut.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last Week of July To Do List

I've been a bit behind on commissions due to non BJD related issues. However I am not super far behind so I should be able to finish everything by mid August I hope. I'm stuck away from my home and studio during the day (family related) so there is no way to get much work done this weekend.

This weekend
1. Start and finish This Alice's hands
2. Start and finish Doll Chateau Hilary hands
3. In the middle of Iplehouse Doria commission for Denise

Coming Week (7/22-7/28 Mon - Sat)
4. Start and finish Minimee Adriana Lima commission
5. Clean and faceup puki puki Sugar and Ruby
6. String up Dollshe Bernard and photograph
7. Photograph Wilde Imagination Parnilla

Week 2 (7/29-8/3)
8. Clean and paint Parnilla
9. Start and finish Diana's (she sent the head after several months!) Dollstown girl.
10. Start August commissions including Julie's Bernard & Kathy's DC Jodie.

Whew...I hope I will be able to stick to this schedule. The last week I've been to the vet for three full days. Dealt with a drain back up, plumbers and cleaning during which time I didn't shower and hosed myself down in the backyard with a hose (yah.....water was not draining fast enough.) And this weekend I'm taking care of things at my mom's and sister's place so a full week of not being able to work.

I already have two ppl in August but I will take four more to fill out the rest of the month.

EDIT: I almost forgot the pandas. They are so close to being done as well. I will also be finishing up some 1/6th commissions as soon as possible. I will have to point out that at the moment I'm not making much money at all so I have to consider putting commissions on hiatus and working on an animation reel to actually be able to pay bills.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Minor plumbing issues

I live in the basement of a fairly old house. Sure to some plumbing issues, (nothing got wet) I've been a bit busy.
My 20 year old car also developed
Gastronomic lymphoma so I've been to the vet almost all day for three days this past week. As such while I'm not behind, most of my clients won't have their dolls finished until end of July.

I well email everyone separately.