Sunday, November 25, 2012

Juri 2012 body trials

Juri 2012 was released as an event head during a Feeple65 special release. As a result some ppl think she was made for the F65 body. I actually found the head to be quite small compared to the F65 heads so I thought I would try it on my F60 Mirwen's body.

When she is bald the head appears a bit pin-headed on the Feeple65 body and a bit bobble-headed on the Feeple60 body. The look works for either well enough tho and it is really due to personal preference.

Here's a look at her with some wigs on. The pin-headed/bobble-headedness is resoved quite nicely once she has a wig on.

At first I didn't know if I was going to like this head but once I had her painted and dressed up she let me know her name was Anemone.....Not so sure I can let her go when she's told me her name.

I prefer the spunkier version on the F60 body. The F65 body is also a bit difficult to handle. I know she is supposed to sit well once her legs are locked but mine must be too loosely strung since she keeps falling over eve with her legs locked in place.

Introducing Anemone ~ Juri 2012 on Feeple60 and Feeple65 body

During the week that I was left stranded in South Brooklyn by Sandy I spent my time painting some heads and doing a little cleaning. Here is Anemone, my slightly modded Juri 2012. I sanded down her brow bone a little to give her a more feminine appearance. Her default look is a pink Leeke bob wig and her body is a Feeple60 Medium bust. Can you tell what her favorite colors are?

I also tried her out on a Feeple65 body with the large bust (the only size so far) and a different wig. There's a huge difference in her character. It's nice but I prefer the smaller spunkier look.