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I accept checks or paypal. If you choose to pay by Paypal, pls be aware you are responsible for fees if any.
Prices are subject to change. Please do not be upset to see the price rise in the future as I haven't calculated the time it takes for body blushing dolls yet. I'm in the process of timing each commission so pls bear with me these next few months as I figure out reasonable prices for the amount of time spent and materials used.. (Once you have been quoted a price, the price will not change for the project.)

Note: I will be timing my commissions from now on to figure out how long it takes me and break it all down for you guys.

A price raise will happen in November for all sizes due to the time it takes to complete them. As usual I try to keep things as low as possible but due to the amount of time it takes me to paint various sizes I will slowly raise the price month by month to $150 for 1/3 SD size, $120 for 1/4 MSD size,  $90 for 1/6 size and eventually $60 for 1/12. I'm sure the price seems exorbitant to many but it really reflects the time it takes me to paint. Quite a bit of time is spent on the four layers of varnish to ensure the works durability so it is unavoidable. Of course I will be raising the prices incrementally so I hope that everyone will pay attention to see my work improve even more. 

In other news, my LLC has been established and I can pay taxes on commissions now! So starting in 2014, when I have figured out all the prices, I will be paying taxes on commissions. Some ppl may ask why I want to pay taxes. Simply put, security in my old age and if my income from commissions is at least $1000 a month I should be paying taxes to finance our economy. (Granted my income from commissions may never reach $1000/month)


SD+ (10+ inch head)- $140
SD (8-10 inch head)- $130
MSD (7-8 inch head) - $85
YoSD (5-7 inch head) - $70
Pukipuki / Lati White / Realpuki - $50

Chiclines are considered MSDs due to the more complicated structure of the sculpts.
Measurements are approximate. If you are unsure which category
your doll falls under, feel free to ask me.

Basic Faceup - Airbrushed faceup with natural or make up look. Slight dusting of freckles, simple tattoos and eyelash application included.

Faceup Removal - $5-15 I reserve the right to charge for faceup removal if head is not clean enough. The head shown below would cost $5 to clean. One that has many small crevices and requires extra scrubbing to clean will cost $15. Pls click on the photo below for a bigger picture and info on how to remove the faceup efficiently.

Lashes - $0-7.50 Lash application is free if you send your own lashes. I also provide lashes for a fee ($1-$4). Pls view available lashes here.

Airbrushed Lashes - $5 Lashes provided by you or by me (see above) airbrushed to your color requirement in a gradation of color or simply a customized color.

Freckles - $0-Varies I paint these each by hand and I make sure it looks natural. There are different types of freckling, so pls send reference or make a note of how dense the freckles are and how dark/light they should be. Denser and more extensive freckling will cost more because it takes quite a bit of time. Freckling across the nose bridge is free. Pls refer to Faceup Options page.

Tattoos - $0-varies - The price for tattoos varies depending on the details. A very simple tattoo like a heart shape or other solid geometric shape is free. Larger and more elaborate tattoos will be more expensive.

Piercings (drilled) - $5/piercing - A pair of ears would be $10. Hole has diameter of .8 mm.

Faceup Protector - I provide face up protector for $4 if you don't send your own.

Manicures / Pedicures - YoSD -$8 - per pair of hands or feet.
                                         MSD - $20 - per pair of hands or feet.Pls inform me if you want wrinkle lines on knuckles. The color and finish on the nails.
                                         SD - $30 - per pair of hands or feet. Pls inform me if you want wrinkle lines on knuckles. The color and finish on the nails. I normally use some blue on veins that are sculpted and on boy hands but I leave it out on girls. Let me know if you prefer something else.

Fantasy Parts - varies by project.

Body blushing slot is 1 per month due to the amount of time it takes. Pls inquire if available.

My style of body blushing enhances the sculpt and brings out the realism of the body. While the look is very soft, there is a lot small detail to bring the parts to life. Minimal joint sueding (shoulders, neck and sometimes the thigh) is included to help prolong the life of the blushing.

Note: I will be timing myself to see how long it actually takes. I'm making a fairly safe estimate but I will let ppl know once I've timed my working hours.

I do not do seam sanding.

Keep in mind that body blushing does wear off due to rubbing and regular handling. MSC/varnishes only last so long. I can only ensure that your doll will arrive with all the work intact. However I cannot be held accountable if the blushing starts to rub off on rough cloth or etc. Finger oils will degrade varnishes faster. I suggest wearing soft cotton gloves to handle your dolls to help prolong the life of the work done. If the doll is handled a reasonable amount,  have the coating renewed every 1-2 years. 

Upper Body Blushing -  includes chest, arms and manicure but no pedicure. 
                                             YoSD - $30
                                             MSD - $45
                                             SD - $60
                                             70cm - $70

Upper Body + Lower Leg Blushing - Includes manicure and pedicure.
                                             YoSD - $45
                                             MSD - $75

NOTE: I no longer do full body blushing for SD+ sizes. The amount of material consumed as well as the amount of time consumed makes it far above a price range I am comfortable asking for. I timed the amount of time to fully blush a 70cm body. To just paint and not take photos, it took me 20+ hours. It also consumed about 3 oz of varnish not to mention the matte medium and paint.

For more information on this please read this post.

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