Friday, April 29, 2011

CD Cover

It's been two weeks! Ok, So I will update with pics of whats been going on with the Endy/Serenity sculpt tomorrow. I haven't molded the moogle yet though so I can't cross that off my list and I am still waiting for my MSC from JunkySpot so I can do faceups. For now I have a cd cover I just finished to show you guys. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates

I've been really busy with work, taxes and family medical issues. I don't like posting posts like this but it's been a while and I don't want anyone to think I've stopped working on projects. The moogle is now done but I haven't had time to spray him down with primer and start the molding process. I have to go to my friend's studio to do that since I don't have a compressor and I have a cat. Cat + fumes = bad idea. The Serenity & Endy sculpt hasn't been worked on and I haven't done anymore faceups since I don't have time T__T.

Plans for the spring and summer.

1. Moogle Mold and Cast (Should happen next week if I'm not called in to work. I am on hold though at a post house.)
2. Serenity and Endy sculpt.
3. Face Ups while waiting for 1 & 2 processing time. (curing time)
4. Planning doll sculpt. (Yes! I have ideas for about three different groupings. They are all about 30 cm though....seems i'm quite stuck to this size ahhahaha. One of them is more of a YoSD size and not an adult but the other two are 26-32 cm adult dolls and I'm so excited.)

Sometimes I really hate freelancing, but these days any bit of income helps.

EDIT: OMG I just saw that it's been nine days since I last posted....augh...I hate doing never ending projects. It also happens to not be a well paid one too.....bangs head on desk.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flora's faceup - A Spring Bebe

I rather liked how this came out. This is a Custom House Ange Ai Hani. She's super cute but I don't particularly like her body. I'm considering whether or not to sell her since I need the money but not the doll....she is super cute though.

Moogle News: Only one arm to shape up and then overall check. His arm sits well now so he is moving along.

BJD faceup commissions: I plan to do two more faceups so I can have more normal faceups to show ppl before I start offering faceups. I'm not sure what the price should be yet but I definitely will start with a lower price because I don't have any experience with other ppl's dolls yet.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Paying Bills (What I do for jobs)

I guess ppl must wonder what I do for a living since it seems I spend a lot of time sculpting or painting heads. I'm a freelance designer/animator/illustrator so a lot of times I work from home or if work is slow I have a lot of days off. This is good and bad because when work is slow I get to work on my own stuff but if there is a big lull between jobs I start having a hard time paying off student loans and etc. Lately my dad's been sick so when things were really hectic, I turned down a bunch of jobs which is a bad idea because clients start to forget you exist or think you might turn them down again so they don't ask again. However, a few jobs have been rolling in again and my dad's health is a bit more stable now so things aren't as bad now as they were a month or two ago.

Right now I'm working on an animation for a Dyslexia awareness project for kids. It's not a well paid job but considering the subject, that's okay. I don't want to show anything until it's approved but I can show you some past work.

This is a promotional spot I did for WB Latin America for Two and a Half Men. Considering the hubbub over Charlie Sheen this past month I thought it would be appropriate to show even considering how old it is.

Untitled from winnie tom on Vimeo.

Untitled from winnie tom on Vimeo.

One of the bigger illustration jobs I've done is a comic book to advertise the Toyota Yaris. It was online only through The following are some pre-production images that I made before they finalized the story. (Please click on images to enlarge.)

Here are the cover and some pages of the actual comic. I'm not completely satisfied with the actual comic but I haven't gone back to rework it.

Anyway, I hope you guys like the work. I'm very bad at self promotion so I usually work by word of mouth. I enjoy the work I do for others but I really hope to be able to produce my own work in the future.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

ACE peeks out

The moogle is still being sculpted. His arm is frustrating. While he's curing I painted Ace as I've been meaning to. I'm not sure if I like her yet. I think I should have made her meaner looking and her right eyebrow is higher than her left...though that really doesn't matter since she only has one eye.....Also her sculpt is quite manly and long faced and I didn't compensate as well as I should have for it.

In the end I still like her but could use some practice making mean girl faces.

EDIT: Minute changes and totally worth it. She looks prettier and more feminine but still kickass. Also I'm aware there is a weird texture on her face. I think that's from the sealer. Never buying this brand again. It's a lot thicker and has noticeable pores. In real life they are hard to see though which still isn't good because I can't take good pics of her.

EDIT2: Gah...I'm just not getting expression maybe I have to start a new head...this is...frustrating.

EDIT3: .... Actually quite happy with the end result. She has the right attitude. She looks difficult to approach but still beautiful and disturbing. (note the dot on her forehead is on the camera lense and the speck of a speck of dust.)