Instock Eyelashes

$1.50/pr : 

So far my favorite for a natural look on every size except for SD. They are shorter and sparser so they lend themselves well to a natural look on smaller dolls. The binding is exceptionally soft and thin so it isn't distracting at all and conforms well to the eye shape.

I also layer two layers for a lusher look which would cost $3.

A variation on the lashes above with gathered groups of lashes is also available.

$2.50/pr :

The fantasy colored strips are suitable for 1/6 to 1/3 sized dolls. They may be used on some Pukifee sized dolls as well.

The following lashes are natural looking lashes from Dollmore. The 4mm size is great for smaller dolls while the 5mm looks very natural on realistic 1/3 scale sculpts.

 A4 style is a bit heavier and looks like mascaraed lashes on dolls. It isn't as lush as the lashes from Switch or as curly so it looks less dolly and more realistic.

A6 is similar to For My Doll AA lashes and looks light and natural on any size doll but is not recommended for pukipukis since it is a bit too heavy and long for such tiny faces.

A1 white is very lush with fine fibers. Only recommended for larger 1/4 scale sculpts with big eyes or 1/3 scale dolls


$3.50 /pr : 

Hug me lashes from Switch. Only Heavy black available. By far the curliest eyelashes I've come across as well as the lushest. These are great for a made up or very dolly look.They work well on 1/6 to 1/3 scale dolls. (Note: There is a limited amount of lashes  they allow you to order at a time and there is no free shipping which is why I charge so much for these.)

WT1 Lashes from Volks. Good for layering. (Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Brown and White)

Other lashes from Volks (Auburn and Blonde)

$4 /pr : 

Leeke lashes. Again, since I only bought a few pairs of these, the markup is just to cover shipping costs. Works best on 1/3 scale dolls and oversized heads.

$7.50 /pr : 

Volks Lashes. WT2 for applied upper and lower lashes. Good for layering.

Volks Lashes.  Pricey but the fibers are very nice. (Gothic Brown, Long Black) These work best on 1/3 scale heads. They are too long for realistic 1/3 sculpts however unless you want a dramatic makeup look.

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