Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moogling update plus some Doll news

Brrrrr. It's bitterly cold these days and my space heater is on full blast cause that's the only way it stays warm in the basement. Slick (my cat) has learned to open the windows all by herself this past September. For the longest time I was really mad that some unknown busybody was opening my window. Once she figured out I was okay with her opening the window she stopped hiding her new found skill from me. Unfortunately, even though she knows not to open the window at night, she opens the window at first light so I end up waking to a freezing basement. So.....that window is locked for the winter.

Well, we all know no one wants to hear about my cat issues so lets get on with it. Montblanc isn't finished yet but he has a nice lacy collar now. I'm also working on his hands but they aren't quite done yet. After that it's just his sleeves, his lacy cuffs and the finishing touches. His hair is all done as are the wings and the body and for the most part his head. So here goes. Click on the pics for a closer look.

The illustration doesnt show the lace very well so I ended up just making it up. I like how it looks but there needs to be some very very minute touch ups. The images may look a little confusing but I hope you guys can see the details. Oh, and I measured him. From tip to tip, toes to ears he is five inches. My friend thought he was smaller but I was right! He looks smaller because a lot of his height is from his ears.

In other news, I am currently obsessed with dolls. I want to make em but I have a bunch of ideas for garage kits to do first. My next sculpt will be Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. It seems most ppl like them in 1/6 scale with Endymion in armor. I have big plans for these guys and I promise more detailed WIP updates even if things look bad in between.

Oh, and this is Peyton. She's my first BJD. I got her months ago but I didn't take her out and do her face-up and body blushing till about a week ago. She is currently eyeless but I like how she turned out even if she isn't an official sculpt. She is the free Happy sized head (1/4) that came with the New Happy Sized Girl Body from Doll In Mind (D.I.M.).