Friday, October 25, 2013

Where are They Now ~ Ashbet's Bimong Narae 402

I always love seeing dolls I've worked on all finished up and polished. A lot of times the owners take much better photos than I do so I thought I would share ^___^

Here are two girls I had as guests not too long ago.

Ashbet's Bimong Narae 402, Amande.
All photos by Ashbet.
See more of her beautiful dolls and photos on her flickr!

Talking and laughing! She's so cute.
More Under Cut!

 Hanging out with her friends Hana and  ^____^. I like how she looks like she's easily diverted and is looking at something out of frame while her friends are actually paying attention to the camera lol.

A shot showing Ashbet's girls in their outfits. I really like how they each have their own distinct personalities. And I also like Ashbet's sense of style. Look at Amande's Sandals.

One last shot of Amande looking more serious and less goofy.

But of course....that doesn't last long. Looks like a new thought just crossed her mind.

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