Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Commission Review - Kim Lasher Lottie & Dollshe Bernard

This is the fourth Bernard I've painted and all within two months! I'm a bit Bernarded out lol. I'm looking forward to other Dollshe commissions but maybe an Orijean, Pabo or Rosen next time. Yes. Curiously although I am an admirer of Cheryl Dink's work and her Saints are beautiful, the more I look at the sculpt the more I feel the mouth is too small which is why he's turned out to be my least favorite Dollshe boy.

More under cut.

There's not much to say about him since I've talked about the other Dollshe commissions, the resin and casting quality. I always want to paint uni-brows but I'm too scared to do it to a client so I try to get as close to a uni-brow without it actually being a uni-brow lol.

Looking at him now I kind of wish I went for super straight across, lower and heavier brows instead of trying to keep him pretty. Well if I ever get a request for a heavy browed Bernard I will ask if I can go to uni-brow route or if I ever buy one to paint I will. I still like him tho and I hope you do too. If anyone is curious as to how Dollshe resin yellows, this Oriental resin is a bit darker and yellow toned than a newly cast Oriental resin. It's a beautiful color so there are no worries about lemon yellow dolls from Dollshe. I actually think yellow resin looks a lot more natural than pink for most skin tones except the palest of pales. Even then I find there should be more peach to most PS resins.

Moving on, we have a little guest from a company I rarely get to paint. I'm not interested in Kim Lasher dolls much although I have to admit that little Lottie is precious! She has a such a cute quirky gnomish face.

She's an artist cast doll by KM herself instead of being a company cast so her finish was rough and had to be sanded smooth before her faceup. The resin was a dark creamy slightly greyed color that is actually quite a realistic skin base color compared to most Asian resin colors available.

The request was for something sweet and shy. The owner does not like peach tones so I mostly used pinks and browns.

I would not be opposed to owning this doll lol. Unfortunately I'm not sure what the body is like at all so I can't share that with you but if you like quirky trollish dolls, she's one to look into. Here's the charts for Bernard and for Lottie. Somehow I was a lot faster on Bernard this time around than usual. With some commissions I can be lucky/inspired and finish them much more quickly than I expect. Usually I spend about 5-6 hours on a 1/3 size head.

 That's it for now. Please look forward to my review of Cerisedolls Constantine soon.

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