Friday, October 25, 2013

BJD Dolls for Adoption! First batch is all WS

So two years after my father passed away my family has finally signed for the house sale and my mother will be moving out. We've been having a massive cleanup in preparation and as a result I am also having a massive cleanup / cleanout.

When I first got into BJDs I formed the bad habit of buying dolls to learn how to paint different sculpts. Of course the result is that I have a lot of dolls still in their boxes and not enough time to paint them or pay attention to the dolls I have named and painted and partially dressed. I figure it's time to outgrow this habit so I will be posting up information on the dolls I am letting go.

While I have had some of these dolls for a year or more they have all stayed in their boxes so I am selling them as if they are new. There is little to no yellowing since they have been kept in a very cool dark environment. If there is no interest in them blank I will start painting them before I put them up for auction. Of course I have to figure out how much time I have so this might not happen for another month.

Here is the first batch. They are all WS. All the Fairyland dolls come with their boxes and manuals. Spiritdoll Blanc comes with her carrying case. Please request proof photos only if you're serious.

Prices do not include shipping. I ship from New York, USA. I will calculate shipping for your location and choice of shipping method. I prefer to ship Priority with Tracking, Signature Confirmation and Insurance. I know this sounds overdone but I prefer not to lose a doll. Of course the shipping method in the end is up to the new owner.

Note: The LTFs will not come with modded painted sleep plates if they are bought blank. They will come with unmodded blank sleep plates.

I accept Paypal and Personal checks. However I will not mail out your doll until after the check is cashed so if you want a quick arrival, PP is best.

Yes, I can take commissions to paint the dolls on offer if purchased blank.

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